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Open letter to Neil Greenberg

Neil Greenberg,

This will be the last article you will ever read at the Dirty Horse Club.

Now, hurry along and get your notepad out. Or maybe, you just need to hit that print button again.

Neil Greenberg, article posted and dated April 10th, 2023 in the Washington Post and other sites:

Two Phil's "... His stalking running style should serve him well, and his pedigree, which is heavily influenced by St. Simon, definitely gives him enough stamina to carry his speed 1 1/4 miles."

Please, do inform us why you chose St. Simon and not Aspidistra or Roughn Tumble or Teddy or the myriad of sires over the centuries. Why St. Simon? Why single out a horse who was born in 1881, in Great Britain no less, and barely even mentioned over the last seven decades? What brilliance led to your revelations between him and Two Phil's? How did you come to this staggering conclusion that Two Phil's, born in 2020, could be so "heavily influenced" by a 142 year old forgotten sire? Please, enlighten us all.

On second thought, don't bother. Your head might explode. While you're hyperventilating over your computer screen, I'll make it easy for you, just as I have been doing for years.

POSTED by Lisa De at the Dirty Horse Club on March 25, 2023:

March 25, 2023:

Jeff Ruby Steaks - Turfway Park

TWO PHIL'S Results 9f AWS Final Time: 1:49.03

DP = 2-7-11-0-0 (20) DI = 2.64 CD = 0.55

Mare Profile = 3-4-8-8-5 Speed = 7 Stamina = 13 Index = 0.69 Triads = 15-20-21

St. Simon: 70.32%

Rating for the Derby: +++++ Rating for the Belmont Stakes: +++++

This is the mid-range category stand-out for the Derby. Mares are dropping 12.2f on him and when combined with his chefs, he ends at 11.1f. Chefs are responsible for the bulk of his speed inheritance. In addition, the 70% line breeding to St. Simon is not only a fierce clue into his stamina leanings, but it is sensational for the Derby. This is one reason why he stood out for this 9f on AWS. Concrete Stamina gives him the ability to work that type of surface.

Now isn't that a crazy coincidence? After hours of research, I talk about a 142 year old overseas forgotten horse on March 25th and here, you have the exact same revelation two weeks later. Astonishingly, attached to Two Phil's as well and not one of the other 100's of stamina prospects lurking out there. Wow. Blatant and repulsive, aren't you?

The paraphrasing genius links to an American Classics Pedigree on St. Simon, which gives absolutely no insight that could possibly correspond to Two Phil's. He stole that info from my analysis and did not attribute it correctly as he should have.

And this one, Posted April 10th, 2023 by the slimy Neil Greenberg:

Kingsbarns..."Horses that inherit at least three times as much speed as stamina (3.00 dosage index or higher) have fared well in the Kentucky Derby, which makes a stamina horse like Kingsbarns (1.80 dosage index) a curious choice. However, this grandson of Tapit, a known stamina influencer, has been running closer to the front in each of his three races, including a wire-to-wire win in the Grade 2 Louisiana Derby, despite stretching out further each time. That can’t be ignored."

That was lifted straight from my analysis on Kingsbarns that I posted on March 25 as well. But the "wanna-be" dosage guru tries so hard to paraphrase my stuff that his words become completely laughable. His 1.80 is a curious choice?! Brainless and oblivious to all things concerning this subject.

But this one, this takes the prize. Gees Neil, you really outdid yourself here.

Forte..."There are also pedigree concerns. Forte inherited three times as much speed as stamina from the male side of his lineage and more speed than stamina from the female side, potentially leaving him with little reserves to navigate the classic 1 1/4-mile distance of the Kentucky Derby.

Are you serious with that? The paraphrasing on my insight is absolutely ridiculous and completely wrong. You can't even lift my insight without making a complete fool of yourself by trying to cover it up with garbage. Buffoon. You have no clue what Forte is built on. No clue at all about his mare's effect. You just saw what I wrote and had to figure out a way to convey it without it being so blatant. Swing and a miss.

Should I keep going, Neil? Should I move on to Angel of Empire and Tapit Trice as well? You know I certainly can. I could go on for days. I'm surprised you didn't take the actual title again too.

In reality, you should have entitled your article, "The Dirty Horse Club's 5 star Rated horses."

Neil Greenberg, the king of paraphrasing and longtime bloodsucker at the Dirty Horse Club. Miserable pathetic little cockroach. Leave the dosage combinations to those who perfected it in the first place.

My system, my insight, my work, my words. You can't simply mention Dr. Roman's name and think that your covered. You're not, that is 1/4 of it. Moron.

Exact IP Address attached to you, with the exact articles you read, time and dates, all of it. You had been warned repeatedly to stay away, but you didn't care. You came back, you got your info on one day and you reworded my analysis' on those exact horses and posted as your own afterwards. I have the evidence. You needed to keep up your façade, didn't you Neil?

I will not have this again from this leech who works for the horrific, one-sided, totally partisan, and a hypocritical poor excuse of a RAG newspaper, the Washington Post. A so-called news organization that allows cretins like Neil Greenberg to get away with this year in and year out.

This ongoing never-ending yearly saga, with tons of screenshots and evidence of my words pre-dating his. What has it been, Neil? At least 6 years now. Following me from site to site. A stalker of the worst kind.

You cannot reference one of my articles one time 4 years ago and then believe that you have free reign for the rest of your life to simply take what you want. Are you naïve or just a plain simpleton?

Of course, the simple fact that my articles always pre-date yours, every one of them, means you don't have a leg to stand on. You copy my stuff and repost as your own. You are a fraud.

This is the last open article. I want this bastard to read this article. I want him to know that he has messed with the wrong girl for way too fucking long.

New CLUB passwords for the remaining Triple Crown races will be sent out in due time. Neil Greenberg strikes again.

Now run along Neil, and try to figure out everything you can when it comes to St. Simon, combining dosage figures from the sires and the reines, optimum distances, scales, history and real pedigree work. Try to extract what is in my brain. You pathetic little man. Your arrogance has stifled my website and, of course, you truly believe that you're entitled. You fucking hypocrite.

I will remind you Neil, the Washington Post Code of Ethics: Guilty of all three:

B. The Reporter's Role

In gathering news, reporters will not misrepresent their identity.

D. Attribution of Sources

The Washington Post is pledged to disclose the source of all information when at all possible.

E. Plagiarism and Credit

Attribution of material from other newspapers and other media must be total. Plagiarism is one of journalism’s unforgivable sins. It is the policy of this newspaper to give credit to other publications that develop exclusive stories worthy of coverage by The Post.

Complete Bullshit. Your editors were contacted, not that they have ever given a shit in the past, but were alerted yet again none-the-less. Poor Neil. You should have quit with it a long time ago.

In addition:

Posted on the DHC front page:

No part of the content available through the Dirty Horse Club site may be copied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any electronic medium or machine-readable form, in whole or in part, without prior written consent of Lisa De. Any other reproduction in any form without the permission of Lisa De is prohibited.

With proper consent from the author of any blog article or forum post at the Dirty Horse Club, you may link directly to our site and to any materials that you wish.

All it took was an email, which you did not do. This confirms your absolute deceit and plagiarism.


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