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St. Simon & The Belmont Stakes

(Continuation of “War of Will and the St. Simon Connection” article.)

Before reading this article, please take the time to read the above link to fully appreciate the power of the spectacular English horse, St. Simon. His influence is so powerful and his appearance in the Kentucky Derby this year was front and center. His high extreme speed coupled with his high extreme stamina was a recipe that went unmatched during his time. His power in the breeders shed allows for his name (along with his father Galopin) to reign supreme on the top of the linebreeding charts of many of the most celebrated thoroughbreds in history.

Listed in order of highest percentage of Blood that line-breeds directly to St. Simon (and in some cases to his father Galopin directly underneath) are the 2019 Belmont Stakes probables. Keep in mind, St. Simon began his breeding career overseas well over a century ago in 1886. Colts of today would need to go through one or two sires to get to St. Simon. In most charts, a colt will have over 70 influences. We are looking to find the top percentage of blood influence which leads directly to St. Simon. For the Belmont Stakes field, most all of the colts entered do lead to a sire who has St. Simon as their highest blood percentage. Some are much higher than others. As shown in the Kentucky Derby order of Finish, the top spots all went to the highest blood percentage leading to St. Simon.

Listed in Order of Highest Influence to Lowest Influence:

1. WAR OF WILL - 39.85%

Top 2 spots lead directly to St. Simon

Northern Dancer → St. Simon = 29.69%

Nearco → St. Simon = 10.16%

2. TAX - 31.26%

Top 2 Spots Lead to St. Simon through another and one direct.

Roberto → Nearco → St. Simon =15.63%

Northern Dancer → St. Simon = 15.63%

3. SIR WINSTON - 26.62%

Both Top Spots lead directly to St. Simon.

Vice Regent → St. Simon = 15.63%

Northern Dancer → St. Simon = 10.94%

4. BOURBON WAR - 18.75%

AP Indy → Bold Ruler → St. Simon = 18.75%

5. SPINOFF - 14.06%

Northern Dancer → St. Simon = 14.06%

6. Tacitus = 12.50%

First Influence: Unbridled → Aspidistra (High Speed influence on top of his 2nd)

2nd Influence: Seattle Slew → Nasrullah → St. Simon = 12.50%

7. MASTER FENCER - 10.94%

Northern Dancer → St Simon = 10.94%

8. INTREPID HEART - 10.06%

Northern Dancer → St. Simon - 10.06%

9. EVERFAST - 9.38%

Top Influence: Deputy Minister → Bunty Lawless → Commando

2nd Influence: Secretariat → St. Simon = 9.38%.

10. JOEVIA - 8.98%

His first influence Mr. Prospector → TEDDY.

2nd Influence: Northern Dancer → St. Simon = 8.98%


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