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Handicapping - Pedigree - History - Dosage

One Jockey. One Horse. One Performance.

Slow Motion hugging the Rail.

I suppose the obligatory "Day After the Breeder's Cup" article should dwell over the mistakes and the triumphs of the handicapping process. Or maybe it should focus on every detail of each and every race, as if you didn't know all of that already.

No, I'll pass on all that. I know where I went right and I know where I went wrong. So do you. We all saw the races, several times by now, no doubt. We know who won and who ran well, even in defeat.

No need to rehash that which is old news. No need to go over winning tickets and those that were trashed.

No need to retell the triumphs of Cody's Wish. The defeats of the west coast horses. The losing streak of Bob Baffert.

The weather and Ushba Tesoro. Bill Mott's successful weekend.

Irad's riding. Dutrow's comeback. The final races and their retirements.

The ridiculous and embarrassing skits that they aired in between races. The empty seats. The handle down from last year.

None of it matters and nobody cares.

As it pertains to this website, Dr. Roman's numbers do matter. The redeeming performance of Todd Pletcher's Fierceness in the Juvenile. Dr. Roman's formula added to Tapit with White Abarrio in the Classic. The combinations as they sat with Derma Sotogake, Just FYI, Magic Spoon, Inspiral, Idiomatic, etc. etc.

This entire weekend can be wrapped up and summarized in a final time of just 2:24.30.

The 2023 Breeder's Cup.

One Weekend. One Performance. One Jockey. One Horse.

And one step further, One Trainer.

The 12f Turf. Ryan Moore. Auguste Rodin. Aiden O'Brien.

Back in 2022, Auguste Rodin won the overseas Kentucky Derby prep race, the Vertem Futurity, as a two year old. I went back into the archives for his initial analysis which utilizes the combinations of Dr. Roman's dosage figures, the mares, the prominent non-chefs and his chart.

This analysis was written at the exact moment that Auguste was getting his picture taken in the Winner's circle that day.

Oct. 22, 2022 Vertem Futurity - Doncaster


DP = 3-4-15-8-0 (30) DI = 0.94 CD = 0.07

Mare Profile = 7-4-1-10-8 Speed = 11 Stamina = 18 Index = 0.70 Triads = 12-15-19

Rating for the Kentucky Derby: turf Rating for the Epsom Derby: +++++

This horse is a beast in the making. Incredible breeding with Sire Deep Impact and Grand-sire Sunday Silence with Second Generation chef Galileo under. Major stamina top and bottom as usual. Aiden O'Brien's 11th win in this race. We won't see him in our Derby, but he sure will be pointed to the Epsom. Maybe next year's Breeders Cup Turf. This is a very good horse, so good that I put his name as the winner yesterday, no need to even wait for the race. He was pretty much a lock. Great name as well. His mare line is completely tipped to the right and he is sporting a .07 CD. Beautiful overseas numbers with a "master" trainer on that surface. Aiden O'Brien knows how to get a 2 year old ready for success. He also has a beautiful face, looks just like Honor Code. One to watch if you play overseas.

Auguste Rodin Sunday Silence

Not only did he win that 2023 Epsom Derby, but he also won the Irish Derby and the Irish Champion Stakes. Now added to that list, the Breeders Cup Turf as well. Foreseen only because of Dr. Roman and his elite chefs and the addition of Federico Tesio's philosophies.

Understanding each segment of those configurations with the ability to be perceptive of the important aspects within a chart is exactly what encapsulates the meaning of the BREEDER's Cup. It is the breeding of the animal which represents the full spirit of the weekend. That part is all that matters if you truly love the game. That is the part that many forget.

The focus of our website is to gain insight into what the horse is built on as early as possible and to project his full capabilities with those that surround him. Those who guide him correctly and put him on the accurate path to success. The one who accompanies him into the gate in order to pull out his very best. Every piece in perfect sync.

This is all that matters. Whether you configure your tickets precisely right is another matter. It is the ability to know the players first. This happens with full understanding of what Dr. Roman left for us. That is what the Breeder's Cup is all about.

On that note, the second and last hiatus of the year will commence. The Dirty Horse Club will take a bit of a breather and will be back in full swing with our Derby Preps. This will begin on November 25th with the Kentucky Jockey Club at Churchill Downs and the Cattleya Sho at Tokyo Racecourse. Equinox in the Japan Cup on the 26th. Enjoy the break.


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