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Intuition Before Handicapping - Profitability with a Group Effort?

"I loved that horse. I can't believe I didn't bet him!"

We are one week away from the Super Bowl of Horse racing. This is the week where the frenzy of numbers, stats, replays, race results, comparisons, coffee breaks, cigarette runs, late nights, second guessing and starting all over again begins.

Something occurred to me tonight as I lit my 5th cigarette, jumping from race to race in complete disorganization. There seems to be something drastically missing. I can't put my finger on it, but it has something to do with intuition. A love for a certain horse. The heart. Maybe just that gut feeling.

The horse you thought about constantly, but stats weren't quite lining up. A longshot that was always at the back of your mind but the fear of looking foolish for even mentioning his name made him vanish. The one you couldn't take your eyes off of because of the way he moved but his beyers didn't stack up. Don't they always end up somewhere on that tote board?

I'd like to do an experiment this year and I need everyone's help. I want you to clear your head of all the noise and I want you to replace your pre-entry PP's, stats and numbers with the photograph at the top of the page.

Exchange the mug of coffee for a pretty cup of tea. Move the PP's aside for romantic love letters from the heart. Toss the ash tray for faded roses and channel your sixth sense.

Forget anything and everything you have studied and simply choose the first horse that automatically comes to you.

Forget probable odds and all the talk of favorites. The earlier you pick, the better for the experiment. I want to see if intuition, based on your full year of following this sport, had the leg up BEFORE handicapping for hours upon hours.

I also want to see how the group effort fares with profitability. One 10.00 Win Ticket on each race based on the group's intuition. Maybe a boxed superfecta on the top four. I love a good gamble! If this yields a profit, this will become a recurring exercise at the Dirty Horse Club. If it doesn't, well, at least it was fun and maybe we'll try again!

It is completely anonymous so no fear if you chose a longshot in any of the races.

Go with your heart. Your intuition. Pick the winner of each of these Breeders Cup Races. We will revisit these results after next weekend. Don't think too hard about it, go with your gut feeling. Have fun!

HIT THE "SEE ALL RESULTS" at the bottom of each box and the full field of contenders will drop down for you.

Breeders Cup Distaff

  • A Mo Reay (Brad Cox)

  • Adare Manor (Bob Baffert)

  • Clairiere (Steve Asmussen)

  • Desert Dawn (Phil D'Amato)

Dirt Mile

  • Algiers (Simon Crisford)

  • Bright Future (Todd Pletcher)

  • Cody's Wish (Bill Mott)

  • Dreamlike (Todd Pletcher)


  • American Theorem (George Papaprodromou)

  • Dr. Schivel (Mark Glatt)

  • Elite Power (Bill Mott)

  • Gunite (Steve Asmussen)

Juvenile Dirt

  • Cuban Thunder (Adrian Murray)

  • Ecoro Neo (Hideyuki Mori)

  • Fierceness (Todd Pletcher)

  • General Partner (Chad Brown)

Turf - 12f

  • Auguste Rodin (Aiden O'Brien)

  • Balladeer (George Papaprodromou)

  • Bolshoi Ballet (Aiden O'Brien)

  • Broome (Aiden O'Brien)


  • Arabian Knight (Bob Baffert)

  • Arcangelo (Jena Antonucci)

  • Bright Future (Todd Pletcher)

  • Charge It (Todd Pletcher)


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