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The Grandeur of Horse Racing

Today, the world was brought together, in a certain indescribable unity, through the power and beauty of the horse.

What a splendid life it is to have the privilege to witness a thoroughbred in motion, with mane flying, muscles gleaming, as he soars down that stretch. It is powerful. It is beautiful. It can render any person speechless with awe.

A centuries old sport that, to this very day, continues to inspire and dazzle anyone in its path. What we witnessed today, all day, every minute to every second of it, rivaled all that is still reminisced over from the past. Not a day to be easily forgotten.


There are no words strong enough or worthy enough to describe the gorgeous Champion Equinox, for his effortless track record performance outside of his homeland. With Rebel's Romance unable to even compete against him simply proves what an astonishing thoroughbred he certainly is - worldwide.

The splendor of such a horse during our tenure as horse players is the reason why we continue to forge past the folly that we endure here in the United States. The brilliance of a single horse only shines a brighter spotlight on all that is disjointed here.


A maiden and optional claiming race winner, leading a group of class while gliding over the track surface with ease and grace. Almost as if he slowed the pace early just asking for anyone to come and join him if they dared. Not one took the bait as he taunted that group with a confidence that exploded at the 3/4 mark.

When he was finally afforded a glimpse of Jace's Road, Kingsbarns set down to reveal his true identity. An innate and instinctive trait of a quality thoroughbred - one who must be the leader of a pack and one who could never surrender to another.

This is the sign of a Champion horse who captures the very essence of all who came before him. Sharing his honor with a dedication to Tapit, Kris S, A.P. Indy, Alydar, among others in his royal chart. In doing so, the wheels continue to turn as those from the past keep their strong ties to the present in this grandiose sport of Horse Racing.


Rare is the thoroughbred with powerful machinery to tackle multiple surfaces with an allegiance to speed and power that does not waver. When confronted with an amazing amount of strongly built contenders, that single horse who has the ability to far outshine all as he hits the top of the stretch only reaffirms the allure of our sport. It is the promise of spectacular things to come as we pass through the annals of Horse Racing.

The superior inbred traits of a Classic Champion that continues to remind us of all of the great Masters from the past, keeping it sacred and intact as we move from decade to decade. A sport that is never-ending in grandeur because of the magnificence from that past.

What we witnessed this weekend, stretching 7700 miles across the globe, is the reason for our loyalty and adoration of this sport. These are the days that we honor the sheer splendor of the thoroughbred and it reminds us of the true reason for our love of this sport.


Side Note: I want to let you all know that I will be travelling to Florida and heading straight to Hallandale to attend this year's Florida Derby. I have never been there and the allure of the sport cannot keep me from it. I will be driving hours with the ocean and the sun in my sites.

The website may be stagnant for a bit, please carry on without me. Other things are on the agenda as well which may also hold a great impact with our website in the future.

But have no fear, the site stays on course - with the same obsessive pursuit that it has always been, but extra possibilities are on the horizon. Nothing would ever take the place of what we have created here and my dedication to my website will never cease. The loyalty to Dr. Roman and Federico Tesio is as strong as it has ever been and will always be the only course I will ever ride. Laser-focused on them and the Champion thoroughbreds of the past. My only wish is to pass it all along to any who will listen.

Sometimes, you have to walk around the corner to see where this magnificent life will bring you. When it comes to our beloved sport, nothing is impossible. I am fortunate to be a part of it all.

PPs for Florida Derby and the card have been posted. I will try to post the other PP's and the March "Dirty Horse Top Ten" while sipping a Margarita poolside.


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