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Another year has come and gone and I am sure that everyone is as happy as I am to see the end of 2020. Hopefully, it will only get better from here. So as the beginning of 2021 draws near, I want to take some time to talk about the future and all of the things that should be coming to fruition in the coming year.

Our website has been up and running since Justify's Triple Crown win in the 2018 Belmont Stakes. We've had some ups and downs, some great handicapping and some pretty bad missteps, namely, Spinoff in the Belmont Stakes (ouch!) and the September Derby. But I do believe the highlights far outweigh the blunders. I truly hope that you all have learned a point or two as it pertains to breeding and dosage so far, especially as it applies to the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes.

Mr. Big News

I am certainly not infallible, but going over the last couple of years with respect to the numbers, it does appear that they stayed on their normal winning pace, about 80% to 90% accurate. (Baffert horses aside.) I love those numbers, I love the combinations, and I love the success rate even if I miss the obvious with them every once in awhile (like sticking with Sole Volante over the obvious numbers of Mr. Big News, third place in the Derby.) That one still haunts me.

More important though than missing him, the fact that his numbers were spot on for a board hit is what keeps me entranced on these numbers and how they constantly display the players, the real players, of these big races. Nothing in our handicapping world compares to the consistency of these configurations.

I want to speak about the future of our website. There is alot to come. There was alot that I wanted to do with this site last year but time was never on my side. But, before moving onto that, I do want to bring your attention to something first. After receiving some guidance and a few heated conversations with a few friends who insist that I should charge for subscriptions to the site and especially the analysis' - well, I still refuse to do such a thing. This site is here because I truly believe in this system and I see how spot on these numbers perform year after year. I want everyone to gain the information and I don't believe in charging for it. After all, I learn alot from everyone as well, that is, only when they decide to take the time to post a comment! Which, quite frankly, is rare. How I wish that would change! But I do appreciate it whenever I see a post and I truly appreciated Bart's forum thread on last years Derby. It was a huge help and very informative.

While it is very hard to find time to update content on the site, I try my hardest with the articles (and when I remember), to post the free Graded Stakes Past Performance Sheets. I would post more free PP's, it's just hard working full time, running around like a lunatic and trying to find a few hours to post. Since the website does cost me alot to keep going with the fees to the web editor, I have decided to follow one piece of advice from my friends. I have put a PayPal Donation Button on the Home Page towards the bottom. As much as I feel a bit ridiculous doing that, it is not a mandatory thing by any means. If you feel inclined to donate to offset the costs of the website, well, that would be great - if you don't, well that's just fine as well. It is completely and totally up to you. But please, do not feel obligated to do so. I have every intention of renewing this website again in a couple of months. If you can help out, great.

Moving forward, there are few new things that I will be adding to this site. The big one is dependent on when the masks come off and this Covid Crap is over. I intend to arrange a few Horse Racing Trips throughout the year and will use this website for all info, dates, itineraries, hotel info, and so forth. A few on the agenda are Saratoga (hopefully Travers weekend) - Kentucky Horse Farms and Keeneland - maybe Keeneland Breeders Cup - thinking about Gulfstream Park and a few others. It's time to stake revenge on 2020 and live life to the fullest in 2021. Any ideas for trips, let me know. We need to make arrangements early so that we can prepare.

The second thing I want to get on is something I wanted to do last year but never found the time. I want to try to expand on the Chefs and try to have info on each and every one of them as it pertains to the average winning distances of their offspring. This will payoff a great deal when trying to do your own homework in figuring out optimum distances. There is nowhere on the internet where these chefs are listed with all pertinent info as it applies to their previous offspring. It is desperately needed and I have the info, I just need to set it up where it is easy to hit a button and all the info pops up.

The third thing that I hope to get done is an easy program for you to input the numbers and when you hit the ENTER BUTTON - the colt's optimum distance will pop up. I know there is nothing like it on the internet and this info will most definitely be password protected every day of the year!! The program is done, I just need to take the time to figure out how to make it cool on a page on the site. I will get to it eventually. Any ideas on anything else, please, feel free to add.

And lastly, I would like to wish everyone:

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year!!!!!


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