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Shared Legacy - The Brother

Shared Belief with Mike Smith
Shared Belief - The Champ

SHARED LEGACY (2016) – Candy Ride and Common Hope by Storm Cat

It will be inevitable that this young hopeful will be compared to his Champion full-brother Shared Belief. This is a tall order, in the sense that Shared Belief ran right through his dosage numbers and jumped past his 4th generation. Chef’s numbers encompass only the first 4 generations. While there will always be those who far surpass their numbers, one might conclude that they do this because they are able to utilize their inheritance past that 4th generation and therefore their addition to the configurations is hidden. It is a reasonable conclusion but certainly not the only conclusion.

The likelihood that Shared Legacy will follow in the footsteps of his over-achieving brother is a daunting proposition. They inherited the exact same blood from the exact same set of characters, but this does not guarantee the same success. When looking at the numbers and analyzing the speed/stamina balance depicted in the configurations, the only fair conclusion is that either Shared Belief latched on to his 5th generation inheritance and/or he didn’t give a damn about what he inherited and ran to his own beat. Shared Legacy will have to take heed in order to replicate the same.

THE CHEFS: Chef Profile: 2-2-6-2-0 (12) Index = 1.40 CD: .33

All six of the chefs depicted in his numbers come from the 4th generation.

Fappiano – Intermediate and Classic

Herbager- Classic and Solid

Blushing Groom – Brilliant and Classic

Northern Dancer – Brilliant and Classic

Secretariat – Intermediate and Classic

Graustark – Classic and Solid


There are also sires who are not confirmed as Chefs and who do not contribute any numbers to a profile. These non-chefs are recognized because they have produced at least 15 progeny stakes wins since 1983 and at least one stakes winner since 2013. They are listed as contributors as determined by the Average Winning Distance of the stakes races of their progeny. These “would be” contributors are not listed chefs because a determination was not met in identifying any aptitude as being pre-potent links and therefore are not part of the coveted title.

The following is a list of Shared Legacy’s Non-Chef possible contributors:

Candy Ride – Speed Influence – 1st Generation

Storm Cat – Speed Influence – 2nd Generation

The addition of these two Non-Chefs as being influential sires is reasonable, especially in Shared Belief’s case. Since the Chef’s index is a low 1.40, meaning he only gained 1.4 times speed versus stamina from his chefs, and the mares offered nothing in the short early brilliant category, if would be a safe assumption that Candy Ride and/or Storm Cat had some say. It is also reasonable to assume that the probability leans greater to the 5th generation having the stronger influence.

5th Generation Chefs:

Mr. Prospector – Brilliant and Classic

Hoist the Flag – Brilliant and Intermediate

Vandale – Professional

Polynesian – Intermediate

Lyphard – Classic

Bold Ruler – Brilliant and Intermediate

Ribot – Classic and Professional

Nashua – Intermediate and Classic

Note where the Average Winning Distance of their progeny falls in the 5th generation. Brilliant (4 to 6f) and Intermediate (7 to 9f) is much more represented within the chart in this generation and could have been the driving influence and reason why Shared Belief was able to win in the fashion that he did and, against his numbers, at the shorter distances that he was able to dominate and win.


Maiden Special Weight – 6f – won by 7

Hollywood Prevue Stakes – 7f – won by 7 ¾

Cashcall Futurity – 1 1/16 – won by 5 ¾


Allowance – 6f – won by 4 ¼

Los Alamitos Derby – 1 1/8 – won by 4 ¼

Pacific Classic – 1 ¼ - won by 2 ¾

Awesome Again – 1 1/8 – won by neck

Breeders Classic – 1 ¼ - 4th, slammed

Malibu Stakes – 7f – won by neck


San Antonio Stakes – 1 1/8 – won by 1 ½

Santa Anita Handicap – 1 ¼ - won by 4 ¼

THE MARES: 0-3-6-8-8 Index = .30 Speed = 3 Stamina = 16 Triads = 9-17-22

The spread between the inherited speed (3) and the stamina (16) is 13 points. This depicts a tremendous leaning towards stamina that overwhelms any inherited speed. The mares passed nothing in the Brilliant category and very minimal in the Intermediate. The numbers slowly creep up past the 9f mark and becomes completely dominant from the 13f mark way past the 16f mark. Keep in mind that these numbers reveal what the mares passed through their bloodlines as Average Winning Distances to their progeny. It is safe to conclude that like his brother, Shared Legacy would have an optimum distance that he most likely will never perform at. The mare’s stamina is so dominant within these configurations that it SHOULD have completely overtaken the speed. The fact that Shared Belief conquered his short early races and won them so convincingly, only solidifies that he either gravitated to his 5th generation and/or his prominent non-chefs or he completely disregarded his inheritance and ran with his heart and his strong will to win. These are the only two conclusions that one can make.

The set-up of Shared Legacy’s configurations are totally dominant in stamina from both sides. This means that his optimum distance is past the 10f mark and leans closer to 12f. The fact that his full-brother was able to conquer all distances would make Shared Legacy’s road a tough one to follow. If he does in fact perform to Shared Belief’s quality, I would conclude that the 5th generation is a very strong influence and pushes the speed end higher than what is shown in the numbers. If he does not live up to it, I would conclude that Shared Belief was in a class all his own, ran to his own beat and certainly did not give a damn about his inheritance.

We shall at least be given the opportunity to see how this chart affected one over the other and it will tell a great deal about the heart and drive of one brother over another. On a personal note, I do hope that Shared Legacy can dig deep and pull from that 5th generation but if he does not, it only solidifies my strong conviction that Shared Belief was one of the greatest runners of our generation and that he possessed that strong will to win no matter the distance. These types of horses are rare and they come along only once in a great while. He was unparalleled and one of the finest thoroughbreds of his time.

All of Shared Belief's Winning Stretch Runs:


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