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Our Work, The Dirty Horse Club

Forced to start over.

We lost over 250 articles.

If anyone has copies, downloads or printed copies of ANY of my blog articles, (even portions of them) - please forward them to me. I have some still on Excel, but not all, and will not stop until each one is retrieved. I appreciate all of the help you can give me. I won't get into it, but let's just say that they are out there and I want them back. No questions asked.

I will tediously add them all back sporadically but many are "gone" and I need your help retrieving what is out there. I appreciate any help that my club members can give me.

Going forward, the Club will be open to members only and if you'd like to participate and make comments or enjoy all aspects of the site, you must sign up as a free member in order to do so. In the meantime, I will try to piece the site back together again.


A vast amount of horse players, commentators and those who consider themselves experts in the field of horse racing have a very hard time grasping the concept of dosage.

While the main argument against Dr. Roman’s incredible work revolves around the fact that the mares are not present is the very reason why his chefs are the epitome of the masters of the breed.


They were identified as chefs for the very reason of their consistent ability to pass down pre-potent characteristics WITHOUT any infiltration of the mare that they were mated with.

This identifies the elite sire’s undeniable consistent ability, based on his own merit, with the ability to pass along HIS traits, and his traits alone, without question.

The numbers theory considers the position of the generations, giving more emphasis to those closer in generation and recedes to the 4th. The numbers, in essence, take the place of a sire’s name and turns it into mathematical precision as opposed to simply guess work. It wraps ALL the ingredients of ALL the chefs based on the generation he falls into and leaves not one of them out. 

While the vast majority of “horseplayers” put most emphasis on an immediate sire or grandsire, there is no concrete evidence that that sire could or would be responsible for passing anything through.

How the immediate sire performed on the track and how he performs in the breeding shed are two separate entities. He is not time-tested.

In that case, one cannot distinguish if it was the mare’s line who was indeed the responsible party for the colt’s limitations or prowess. In addition, a sire and his offspring are the owners of two separate charts and the separate sets of contributors coming from the bottom of the chart. This will affect the new colt and turn him into the individual that he is.  

The idea that a 1st or 2nd generation unlisted random sire could be identified with any amount of confidence of passing through his same exact distance optimums is full of irrationality and depicts the true concept of mindless cherry-picking.

A ridiculous proposition at best. 

Federico Tesio, arguably the best breeder of the century, believed that a colt is made up of 60% sires and 40% mares. What better set of sires could ever be consulted than the pure and time-tested listed chef as designated by the prolific Dr. Steven Roman.

Adding in the ingredients of the reines (specific elite mares) tells the complete story. The media did grave harm when THEY made the dosage “rules” – which did not come from Dr. Roman.

Ignorance on the subject unfortunately corrupted the mastery of it and it is obvious that it continues to rear its ugly head. I guess that will never change and quite frankly, this site certainly does not give a damn what others have to say.  


This work is not about trying to change minds. I do what I do because I see the results. No proof to non-believers is necessary. I enjoy it and I do not impose it where it is not appreciated. 

As far as soundness or an injury on the track or adherence to a colt's inheritance through his numbers, it is not the same as a speed demon who was pressed to his limits and either succumbed to early retirement or to his untimely demise. Hyper-speed demands in the breeders shed is the goal in the USA and it has affected the soundness of the horse. 

It has also given rise to the speed index, slowly but surely over the last decade or so, which Dr. Roman spoke of extensively and predicted many years ago. Unfortunately, those in the media or those who possess complete ignorance on the subject and who do not have a solid knowledge of the subject, corrupt the purity of the facts of his theories.  

Historically, horses like Epicenter, Two Phil's, I'll Have Another, etc., who were equipped with over-exaggerated stamina configurations are a thing of the past in the USA. The type that aligns with European turf configurations that are still prevalent to this day overseas. They are, historically, the type that graced our tracks decades ago and they are exactly what dominated our Classic races at the turn of the century to mid-century.

Hence, the best bred on the field in terms of longevity as opposed to the hyper-speed demons who will last a year or so. 

I have no wish at all to defend something that has proven to be quite successful in my decades of study of both Dr. Steven Roman and Federico Tesio. In my eyes, none come close to the brilliance and addition to the process of determining limitations and prowess on the track by young colts gearing up for their career.

It is a necessary tool if you want to gauge sprinters vs classic propensity and the results over the the years have been quite successful.

I have no “hostility” towards the handicapping rituals of others and wish not to impose my track record with identifying potential two year old superstars or 10f players for the Kentucky Derby months before the big day. I have no desire to argue the point as well. It is irrelevant to my enjoyment and track record with concrete results.  

Those who are interested in learning how to use these numbers to their advantage in conjunction with their normal handicapping ritual are more than welcome at the Dirty Horse Club. 

If your motive is to argue with me, it is obvious that you are not interested in something new. This is fine by me. Continue along on your own path and enjoy the races. I hope you cash on a daily basis and enjoy yourself. I know I certainly will. 

I will be forever grateful to the incredible work of Dr. Steven Roman and the goldmine of information that he gave to this industry. My wish is to keep it alive, moving full steam ahead with the times. It is a very difficult and extensive subject, but the numbers are incredibly reliable, year after year, decade after decade, if one understands the combinations. 

What an absolute gift Dr. Roman gave us all! 

In addition, I will continue to keep the legacy alive when it comes to greatest trainer of all time, Federico Tesio.

The addition of the conduit mare profiles, which brings together decades of hard work and study, is the third piece to the puzzle. It is ever evolving, and truth be told, certainly with tons of extra criteria never revealed to the public as of this day. It will stay that way.

Welcome back to The Dirty Horse Club. Home to the ORIGINAL work of combining the three aspects together begins and ends here. And to those who try to copy, steal or pass themselves off by removing my name on my original articles and posting as their own, understand, you will never ever stop me. I want my articles back. Every last one of them.


Hi Lisa, I just happened to try and login a few days ago. I didnt know what was happening back late April when the site was cutoff. But I'm glad to be back. Thank you.


Thank you so much Lisa for allowing me back into the group. I was excited when I tried to see if the site was back up and working on Belmont Day and I saw the head to head article. I really enjoy your work and always enjoyed Dr Roman’s as well. Hopefully whatever happened, however frustrating, makes the site better in the long run. I am so sorry that I didn’t download any of the lost articles so I could help you out.

Lisa De
Lisa De
Jun 12
Replying to

Thanks Allen and welcome back! It wouldn't be a Kentucky Derby without something going wrong!! But we made it through. Luckily, the web editor was able to trace back and retrieve just about all of the articles. There are still about 100 that I have to re-publish and I'll get to it. Basically, I had to start the entire site from scratch and little by little, all of the members have found their way back. Glad you are one of them!


Lisa De
Lisa De
May 21

So, how do you feel about the "new look" of the site? Any feedback would be helpful. I still have alot of articles to repost but hopefully will add a few new ones before the Belmont. Thank you all for your patience with all of this.

Lisa De
Lisa De
May 25
Replying to

Not so sure why the font on these comments is so weird! I have fix that! I was going to revamp the entire forum area because, like you said, it was rare that it was used. Maybe because I barely put any effort into making it look cool. I'm going to fix that and get it back up again. Now, I am going to see how to fix this silly font on the comments! They don't make anything easy!

--- Font is now fixed!

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