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Holy Sh*t!! Chad Brown!

It appears that Chad Brown was doing more than working with his horses at Saratoga yesterday. Apparently, the notoriously calm, cool and collected Chad Brown wasn't so calm and cool throughout the day. He was apprehended for choking a woman when she was at his home. An accusation that is quite unsettling given the stature of this particular trainer.

It appears that he was charged with "Criminal Obstruction of Breathing" and was released from the Saratoga Springs Police Facility today after posting bail.

The woman claims that Chad Brown pushed her down the stairs, pinned her to the ground, choked her and then ejected her from his house.

His lawyer claims that Chad was defending himself from an intruder who came into his home. Apparently, the judge did not believe this story as it pertains to the domestic violence claim.

Whether or not this incident will have any consequences on his upcoming scheduled entrants at Saratoga over the next week or so remains unseen. He has been charged and released and both parties are entitled to be heard. This seems so out of character but it sure will depend a great deal on who this woman actually was. If it was truly a stranger that was an intruder into his home, then that is one thing, but if this is someone he knows then the story his lawyer suggested to the judge is false and incriminating.

He spent the night in jail and is scheduled to reappear in court on September 2nd.

The charges are a class A misdemeanor and carry with it either a maximum of one year in jail or 3 years probation. How this will affect his Breeders Cup Weekend remains to be seen. This is quite a story which will undoubtedly unfold day by day.


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