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We are a group of handicappers who discuss upcoming Graded Stakes races with the intent of cashing in on the greatest races of the year. With a strong emphasis on in depth research using dosage and pedigree in order to isolate the advantaged and potential players of the race, much of the content on this site is original and exclusive. In order to protect the integrity of the materials and to deter those who wish to copy or reproduce the material, many of the areas are password protected. In order to gain access to these areas and secure a password for yourself, we ask that you contribute as a member first in our forum. Many of the members at this site have known each other for years and while we encourage all to join and learn, we must feel secure that you are like one of us - simply here for the love of  horse racing, horses, history, pedigree and handicapping. We truly want you to be a member of the Club with access to all articles but first we must get to know you.

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