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L.R. Toddy Work out info...........

As I'm sure you know, trainer Asmussen often has his horses work in moderate times. Four furlongs in 50.00 is pretty much par for the course. On this occasion, Long Range Toddy worked five furlongs solo. It was a slow move, but he finished the main body of the workout very well. Long Range Toddy's five furlongs was timed in 1:02.60. His early splits were 12.40, 25.00, 37.60 and 50.20, so he finished the final furlong in a nice 12.40. He galloped out six furlongs in 1:16.20, so that part of his exercise was just okay. Assistant trainer Scott Blasi, on a pony, led him off the track and gave a thumbs up to Marty McGee of DRF

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