Tracking Baffert

It is time to start tracking any and all investigations in the "Magician" Bob Baffert.

This year's Kentucky Derby produced yet another wire to wire win by another Bob Baffert clone. This time with Authentic, a horse with a combined optimum distance of exactly 9.12f.

This coincides with and furthers the story as discussed in the "Answers Please, Mr. Baffert" article.

There is still an ongoing investigation/process as far as Justify and the Santa Anita Derby. There is still no answer as to the cause of Arrogate's death. There is still a huge question into why Baffert's money-makes all run in the same manner and why their speed/stamina balance is consistently flipped upside down. There is a question into why his horses do not follow the correct breeding patterns and run counter to their optimums. There are many other horses in his care who fade into oblivion if they "fail" to meet the "clone guidelines."

If you find anything, no matter how big or small, please report here. Remember, we are password-protected so the entire world is not reading this stuff. Let's get to the bottom of it and see if we can do something about this travesty. Not only does it affect handicappers and those who spend top dollar on breeding, it is more about what it is doing to the horse's themselves and how it is destroying them. Watching Baffert's horses running wild on the track, or jumping abnormally, or having extremely cut-short careers or even death is the real heartbreak that needs real answers.

Should you find any information concerning anything that has to do with enhancing drugs, investigations, any connections with the California Racing Board between him or his wife, or anything that you feel is pertinent, please use this thread and post anything you find.

Arrogate - Gone Too Soon

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