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The Baffert Saga Kept Alive by Hype

The visually impressive score by Nysos in this weekend's prep race left quite the mark on the viewing public. His late burst of power was truly the most exciting thing to happen all Saturday long.

Let the crazy bullshit begin.

Nysos is now being touted as the most prominent Derby Monster of the crop and deserves a Kentucky gate. Apparently, now it is a travesty that the ban on Baffert and his stable continues on.

Does distance capability mean anything at all? To anyone? It is hard not to laugh it all.

There is now a huge contingency of Baffert advocates, those who rival the cringe-worthy woke set who only see things in their man-made bubble. Clueless to the meaning of 10 furlongs. Clueless to the meaning of rules. Clueless to the legacy that is the Kentucky Derby.

They are now clamoring for "justice" for Baffert and denouncing CDI against the "indignity" that he is facing with his third year of being banned.

Now they adamantly claim, "Nysos was the king this weekend. He is a top competitor now for the Derby and this nonsense must stop. It's Churchill Downs at fault for this. They are being petty. After all, Baffert is the face of horse racing, and he deserves to participate..."

"The 150th anniversary won't be complete without Baffert!"

Are you fucking kidding me???

Nysos is a real Derby Contender?! Baffert deserves to participate?! Two insane statements with zero back-up.

What exactly has made Bob Baffert the face of horse-racing? How many extra fans has he brought to this sport? How many have high-tailed it out of here because they can't tolerate the cheating and lame excuses? Lest we forget, it was hay, it was a Salon Pas patch, it was dirty tricks by others, it was the groom urinating in the stall. Yes, the great face of horse racing.

Is the handle up or down over the last decade?

Are we building more race tracks or are we shutting them down? Is he more recognized because of Justify and American Pharoah or is it because of the wall to wall coverage of litigations over the years due to banned substances? Is it because Justify failed a drug test too after the Santa Anita Derby, the very race that ensured his gate in Kentucky?

With the controversies and nonstop chatter over this guy, right or wrong, as it corresponds to this sport, Baffert is the last trainer who should be known as the face of horse racing.

Nonstop pleas of fairness for Baffert for the 150th Derby. Not one post, thread, article, or comment has mentioned the fact that Medina Spirit is dead. DEAD. The horse who is at the heart of it all, the one who was found to have banned drugs in his system is dead from an apparent heart attack.

Japan and Europe are thriving with fans because the real faces of horseracing are men like Aiden O'Brien, Charles Appleby, and Tetsuya Kimura. These men are the dedicated, first class, unsung heroes who raise this sport on a pedestal where it belongs. They are not known because of excuse tours on the nightly news.

We have empty seats, controversy, lies, excuses, cluster deaths, drug infractions and shutdowns. This is par for the course in America these days, isn't it?

Maybe Baffert should have played by the rules in the first place - for the sake of the horse - and he wouldn't be in this mess.

Nothing at all kept that horse from getting his points. If it was truly about the greatness of Nysos, the barn should have made sure that he was moved to meet Churchill's deadline. He would have had 20 points notched on his belt. This clown show is all about Baffert's ego and the pity parade.

And what of this hyped Derby Player that everyone has a bug up their ass about? Will they ever learn?

Nysos is a VERY FAST undefeated colt at Santa Anita and DelMar. He has won at 6f, 7f and 8f on the fastest tracks in the country, as well as his home turf. Each of the three races with multiple Baffert-entries. Somehow, to the geniuses in the horse racing world, this automatically makes him the top contender for this year's 10f Derby. And so, the protests begin.

A fast colt winning an 8f race on a fast bias is now somehow a miraculous feat. Simply forget that the Derby is run at 10f, outside of the West Coast. Forget about the colts who lost the 8f race because they aren't built to be sprinters, but they sure are built for 10+ furlongs on a 20-horse field.


DP = 2-4-4-0-0 (10) DI = 4.00   CD = 0.80 ANZ = 6.00

Mare Profile = 8-3-4-5-6   Speed = 11   Stamina = 11   Index = 1.10   Triads = 15-12-15

St. Simon: 19.14%

Rating for the Derby : ++

With 10 points in his chef's line, the mares take a higher percentage in his inheritance. Adding in the sires outside of any chef designation pushes him up to 6x the inherited speed over stamina. Any wonder why he obliterated his 6f, 7f and 8f opponents?

The mare's line is flat straight across. The triads are completely inferior for the par that they would need to be at to conquer at least 10.3f with 20 horses in the gate. The St. Simon factor hikes his endurance for a Santa Anita Derby win and a possible Preakness bid, but nowhere near where he would need to be for the Kentucky Derby.

Nysos wouldn't have a prayer in Louisville with 20 contenders in the gate.

Just because his sire, Nyquist, won the Kentucky Derby does not automatically make his chart the same. The bottom half has 15 different contributors in the first 4 generations. A completely different mix. He will have his own scale, his own balance, and his own optimum distance. This NEVER mimics the sire. Never.

Remember the 7f San Vincente and 8.5f San Felipe winner of 2022?

His name was Forbidden Kingdom, the son of Triple Crown Winner American Pharoah. After those two wins, the hype was plastered everywhere and his name showed up as the undisputed top player for the Derby.

All it took was 10 seconds of looking at his chart to know he didn't have a prayer in the Derby. He was a sprinter/miler. 9f at best.

My only hope is that the blind sheep continue to sing their praises and voice their advocacy for Bob Baffert.

I hope they succeed in their wish for his charge after he wins the 9f Santa Anita Derby. Nysos would be my first easy toss for that date in May. I'd take Fierceness who still needs gate training over Nysos all day long in Louisville.

The disgraced trainer has no shame in blocking points from his fellow trainers on the road to the Derby. His ego takes precedence at all times.

The Kentucky Derby is the greatest race of all time. A century and a half of enduring tales. It is the horse that retains the glory of the past, not the trainer.

Churchill Downs is now accused of being petty. Somehow, the one who was caught breaking the rules is now the victim and the one who wants to preserve its enduring legacy is the villain. Fuck the rules. Only in America.


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