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It is Derby week and this is the culmination of everything we worked on from September of last year. I am quite pleased with the very early star ratings and those horses who stood out from the beginning.

There is nothing better than going into the first Saturday in May with several early futures bets who all found a gate in the Kentucky Derby.

We have Honor Marie, Fierceness, Catching Freedom, Resilience and Dornoch as 5 star ratings from the very beginning. Huge accomplishment. A few others didn't make it but 5 entries is better than none, that's for sure.

Honor Marie's workouts have been startling. Absolutely running like a Champ at Churchill. In his last work with the sprinter by his side, he kept up and then poured it on. This, at first glance, is such a positive going into Saturday. Full of stamina, the horse is looking like a powerhouse.

He is exhibiting that loaded profile DP = 9-11-15-1-0 (36). With 9 large points in his Brilliant category (4f to 6f) and 11 staggering points in his Intermediate category (7f to 9f) - he is running just like his Grandsire, A.P. Indy. Up until this point, he favored his sire Honor Code in running style but with these swift workouts it appears that Beckman wants him up further in the pack on Saturday.

But then again...

Sometimes trying to alter the normal running style of a horse could backfire. Since Honor Marie is both loaded and configured closer to A.P. Indy, DP = 13-10-20-3-0 (46), I would think that it won't matter where Honor Marie settles. As long as he gets a good and unimpeded trip, his loaded profile says that he can distribute his energy as far as the track wants to go.

He's looking exceptional for the big race and could be at his peak now where he is beginning to utilize everything he inherited. He is also walking onto a track that is much more suited in distance. Major competitor.


It wouldn't be Derby week without any hassles, now would it?

Please do me a huge favor so I know the website is now working properly.

To make a very long story short, I have gotten rid of Lisa111 (for the time being) and now everything is under Lisa222. I have received a multitude of emails where members are no longer receiving email notifications when new articles or thread comments are posted.

This is because members are following my account that has been removed.

If you want to receive notifications and alerts in your email, please follow Lisa222. This should get you back to normal.

In the meantime, please comment in the thread below and let me know if you received a Club Email for this new article and if you are following, that you also got a notification.

I truly hope that everything is back to normal. Somehow, my work computer became synced up with my home personal computer and I was no longer the administrator of my own accounts. Such a nightmare!

On Tuesday or Wednesday, I will post the two big articles of the year.

Head to Head with Brian, Gerard and Lisa.

The 2024 Kentucky Derby Analysis.

In order to make sure that you are notified as soon as the articles are posted, please set your notifications.

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Also, you'll want to make sure your settings are correct as well.

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  4. Set your email notifications to ON.

If you have any questions or problems, please comment in the thread below and I will fix it.

Also, the Forum Tab is getting revamped and will return at some point.


While the pace wasn't torrid like it's been in a couple KD's lately, it was too fast for a frontrunner unless they're Seattle Slew. Just my opinion, but it's why I wasn't surprised when Fierceness (who is not Seattle Slew) folded. Very nice to hear about Endlessly's deceptively good race as he was one I was very interested in. Re Forever Young, a lot of people think he got robbed for 2nd place, I think he might have got robbed for the win, but will look forward to everything he does from here on in. Chad Brown needs to train his horse! ooops, meant to have this as a reply to your post.


Just rereading this blog again. I remember hearing about different horses in the KD having trouble with the gate or getting cut off or whacked at various points. It would be interesting to have a list of them, as I think the KD is such a crap shoot with the number of young horses in the field. Luck is such an important element in that race sometimes. Didn't Honor Marie have some kind of trouble?

Lisa De
Lisa De
May 28
Replying to

Apparently he did have alot of problems early on unfortunately.

Per Equibase: "Honor Marie was jostled hard early between rivals, was caught in traffic and steadied into the first turn, leveled into stride while saving ground, moved up on the second turn, veered out sharply inside the three-sixteenths Settled towards the inside, and boxed on willing."

Forever Young also had a very hard time at the beginning stages but he ran such a great race late. He really stood out with his ability to move late and come within only a head short of winning that race.

The other one who also punched a major defeat, (9th pace) but ran an incredibly impressive race was Endlessly. I finally had the…

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