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Baffert's Destructive Trail

If you don't like off-color language, then this is not the article for you.

After yesterday's sickening display in the El Camino Real Derby, there is no way that I could possibly hold back the words that I want to say directly to the Racing Boards, the owners and to that white-haired piece of shit, Bob Baffert.

If I could, I would drive directly to Taylormade Farms today and kiss Authentic right on the nose for his perfect bulls eye whack to that egotistical, self-centered, greedy old trainer of his. Well done, Authentic. It's a picture that lasts a lifetime.

Let's put all of the cheating, lying, cover-ups, medication infractions, foul play, and deaths aside for now. Not an easy task to do given the last 8 years but no need to rehash the absurdity of this crumpled up old bastard.

The owners are just as repugnant and superficial as he, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Red Route One - 2nd in the Southwest Stakes

There are two separate issues that have me fuming on this Super Bowl Sunday and I can't hold back. Let's start with the first.

It is only February 12th and Bob Baffert has stolen 128 Derby Points so far off of that Leaderboard. He has been allowed to throw them directly into the garbage can for reasons that completely escape me. The selfishness on the part of this dirtbag affects every trainer who has a horse standing in a gate with one of his clones. Not like there isn't a slew of races that he can point to with his horses without total destruction to the Trail.

Look at this way, if Baffert wasn't such a spoiled one-sided asshole, Asmussen's Red Route One would be in third place on that leaderboard. Instead, his extra 10 points were demolished with a sledgehammer.

Into the Garbage Heap with Useless Outcomes, affecting every Trainer who wishes for a shot in the Derby:

American Pharoah Stakes:

Cave Rock 10

National Treasure 4

Hejazi 3

Gandolfini 1


Breeders Cup Juvenile:

Cave Rock 12

National Treasure 9


Breeders Futurity

Newgate 1


Los Alamitos Futurity

Carmel Road 4

Fort Bragg 3

Arabian Lion 1


Sham Stakes

Reincarnate 10

Newgate 4

National Treasure 3


Southwest Stakes

Arabian Knight 20


Robert B. Lewis

Newgate 20

Hard To Figure 8

Worcester 6

Arabian Lion 4


El Camino Real Derby

Gilmore 4

Nullarbor 1


128 Useless Points so far. Wasted by the very one who is supposed to be BANNED from the Derby.

But I'm just getting started.

Within 15 seconds after the gates opened for the El Camino Derby, I picked up a toss pillow from my sofa and threw it as hard as I could at my computer screen. Luckily, the computer flung back to the wall and stood back up instead of crashing to the floor. I then proceeded to shut the freaking thing down.

I'm not sure if you are all aware of this, but the owners of both Gilmore and Nullarbor are one and the same.

If Nullarbor were under the care of Chad Brown or Asmussen or even Dallas Stewert, he would be running his race from mid-pack to rear at a track like Aqueduct because that is where the horse belongs. Not playing rabbit, against his obvious build, for the benefit of who they think has a shot for the Derby.

Screw the horses, it's all about money. That is obvious, because there are no points to be had for that trainer.

What they did and what they have been doing to Nullarbor is a disgrace. I knew before that bell went off, that this horse was going to be dragged to his demise and sacrificed for the other. Baffert has used this horse twice so far as a rabbit, (possibly 3x as well) running completely against his inheritance.

It certainly appears that the hope was that Gilmore would grab that $60,000 purse.

Let's look at what they did to this innocent horse in their gluttonous pursuit of a 60k paycheck. You will see why they specifically chose Nullarbor to be the abused guinea pig for Gilmore.


DP = 3-4-6-1-0 (14) DI = 2.50 CD = 0.64

Mare Profile = 3-4-3-8-8 Speed = 7 Stamina = 16 Index = 0.48 Triads = 10-15-19

First of all, what moron would enter a horse bred like this into a 5.5f maiden?? At DelMar of all places! Do you see those numbers above? Nullarbor being forced to become a Baffert clone, burning all of his energy ON THE FREAKING lead, when it is 101% AGAINST his breeding.

What happens when you take a horse bred like this and force him to run against what he inherited? He fails. Miserably. But he has stamina to burn, so expending his energy against how he wants to run could allow him to sustain it for a short period on the lead. To try to get that from a maiden runner isn't ever going to happen.

Nullarbor came in dead last among a field of 8 trying to wire a 5.5f track with a slick bias. Any fuckin wonder why?! Baffert's buddy, Zendan, had Hejazi in that race as well, who stalked in 4th just waiting to pounce. Hejazi screwed that one up too and came in 2nd - just sayin'.

Second race, they put him on the lead again. This time, they up his futile task from 5.5f all the way up to 8f. They know there isn't a chance in hell that Nullarbor could sustain all of his energy, "backwards" for a full mile - on the slick track of Santa Anita to boot - but they USE him anyway in the same manner. They take an obvious rear runner who is drenched in stamina, forcing him to commit suicide on that lead on an adverse track to benefit Fort Bragg. Nullarbor caves at the 5/8ths pole, landing at the bottom of the results chart again - just as they knew he would. They get burned from a DQ for Fort Bragg, who was waiting in 3rd position for Nullarbor to pass out.

By the way, guess who owns Fort Bragg?? That's right - same owners.

Third race, they DROP him back down to 6f. He barely manages to endure that lead pace for the win, even though he was drifting in the stretch like a drunken lush at the short distance. This poor backwards horse was able to put $25,200 into Baffert's coffers, and now they have the perfect little rabbit machine going forward. What a trainer! Isn't he the best?

This horse has 11.8f inbred into him with TOTAL DOMINANCE in late running speed. It's there in fucking black and white. His energy comes LATE - not EARLY. He has barely any early or short speed inheritance. He is all stamina. Belmont Stakes Stamina.

Nullarbor was able to sustain to the 3/4 pole in the El Camino Derby BECAUSE OF THE TAPETA surface, which compliments his breeding, but he had no chance of sustaining his endurance the full 9f distance - backwards. It is so obvious they knew this - so Gilmore saves ground, biding his time on the rail, just waiting for Nullarbor to burn himself out AGAIN. Abuse.

Baffert did the same thing to another Candy Ride son, Game Winner, who was built in the absolute opposition of a speed demon, and he destroyed that horse too. Game Winner was Belmont-worthy, just like Nullarbor. They are using his incredible inbred stamina in the opposite direction, on the lead burning through his energy to capitalize for their other horses.

Nullarbor has a whopping 9 point spread leaning to stamina from his mares. Look at those triads, completely tilted to stamina. Where is the early speed in these configurations? Keep looking, because you won't find it. You won't even be able to find it in his workouts either. This is because he is not bred to be a fast lead sprinter. But Baffert will turn any horse he gets his hands on into a clone if it will boost his barn, no matter the consequences and with no regard to the horse himself.

With all the evidence presented from his 3 prior races, why do you think Nullarbor was entered into this 9f prep race and forced to run like a freight train on the lead? It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Nullarbor would be manipulated to force a wicked pace - against his true qualities - and that he would start to die down before the 7/8ths pole. He disintegrated in each of his 3 prior races attempting the same - AT SHORTER DISTANCES - becoming their sacrificial lamb.

Every single solitary bit of evidence foretold EXACTLY what was going to happen with this horse in hopes of Gilmore grabbing that prize. Both the owners and the ruthless trainer destroyed and sacrificed a horse who is built to run from the rear with the ability and breeding to compete in the Belmont Stakes. They did it for monetary gain. They don't give a rat's ass about this horse.


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