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Oct 11, 2018

BC Classic in the 8 years running at CD

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Edited: Oct 11, 2018

There has never been a Female Family that's won 2 Times ...


All the winners


Fem Fam 20 Fem Fam 9 Fem Fam A Fem Fam 1 Fem Fam 26 Fem Fam 14 Fem Fam 5 Fem Fam 10

Contenders that are not one of the Female Family Winners that are above Axelrod # 4 Collected # 22 Discreet Lover # 16 Gunnevera # 16 McKinzie # 7 Mendelssohn # 23 Pavel # 23 Seeking the Soul # 6 Thunder Snow # 4 Toast of New York # 16 Yoshida # 8


I don't like any of them .... lol



Fem Fam 1 has the most ITM

1 Win / 1 Place / 2 Shows


No Gelding in the 8 Years of running the Classic at CD has ever won ...


7/8 Winners were " H " ...which means ...I think Horse ?

1/8 Winners were " C " ..Colt ...Under 4 years old


1/8 Fillies Finished in second place ( Zenyatta )

1/8 Geldings Finished in second place ( Game on Dude )


6/8 with the letter " H " ...which I think stands for Horse finished in second


1/8 Colts finished in 3rd

2/8 Geldings finished in 3rd

5/8 lettered " H " ...finished in 3rd



Oct 12, 2018Edited: Oct 12, 2018

A 3 or 4 Yr Old has won this race 76 % of the time ...26 / 34

Nothing above a 5 yr old has won this race


Only Possible contender above 5 years of age .... 7 yr old Toast of New York

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